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This website used to be full of information about my career as a TV and stage magician. No need for much of that these days, though I’ve put in one little trick for nostalgia buffs. Instead, the focus is on my accidental rehabilitation as a writer of books about Quakers.

What do Quakers believe?

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My new book What Do Quakers Believe? is now out in paperback and as an ebook.

It’s an attempt to reply to a reasonable question that people often ask. Quakers find it a tricky one to answer, because they don’t have a list of beliefs they expect everyone to sign up to.

In many ways they are a unique religious group – they believe only what they’ve experienced, for example, and they don’t believe what they’re told. In writing this book, I’ve tried to explore their principles and explain what holds Quakers together.

‘The clearest introduction to Quakers I have read.’
Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds, broadcaster, writer

Geoffrey Durham

The newspaper trick from my last stage performance as a magician in 2006

Radio 4

Thought for the Day on Radio 4’s Today programme, 15th May 2014

Radio 4

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