BEING A QUAKER: a guide for newcomers

‘This book contains everything you always wanted to know about Quakers but were afraid to ask. It is an ideal gift to give to newcomers who want to understand what “the Quaker way” is all about.’
The Friend

This aims to be a plain and simple introduction to the ways of Quakers. I keep having to update it, because things change quickly in the Quaker world and there’s a lot of detail here – websites you might find useful, blogs that go in and out of fashion – that I need to keep fresh. I’ve tried to make it the fullest book of its kind ever written, while at the same time keeping it helpful and short. 


Currently only available from:
The Quaker Centre,
Friends House,
173 Euston Road
London, NW1 2BJ 

Geoffrey Durham

The newspaper trick from my last stage performance as a magician in 2006

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