‘Drawing upon a wide range of inspirational texts, Geoffrey Durham traces the development of the Friends and gives a clear and informative account of contemporary Quaker faith and practice. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It is captivating.’
Terry Waite

This is a collection of Quaker writing that I’ve aimed at newcomers. It’s arranged carefully in an order that helps readers understand the common sense of the way Quakers think and behave. There is some beautiful, inspiring stuff here, none of it by me, ranging from the early days of Quakerism to the present.

BEING A QUAKER: a guide for newcomers

‘This book contains everything you always wanted to know about Quakers but were afraid to ask. It is an ideal gift to give to newcomers who want to understand what “the Quaker way” is all about.’
The Friend

This aims to be a plain and simple introduction to the ways of Quakers. I keep having to update it, because things change quickly in the Quaker world and there’s a lot of detail here – websites you might find useful, blogs that go in and out of fashion – that I need to keep fresh. I’ve tried to make it the fullest book of its kind ever written, while at the same time keeping it helpful and short.


‘Geoffrey Durham has managed to unpack Quakerism in an open, lucid and friendly way. If you have ever wondered what is actually happening in a room full of people sitting in silence together, you will understand better after reading What Do Quakers Believe? – and may want to try it yourself.’
Tracy Chevalier, best-selling author of Girl with a Pearl Earring

This book looks at Quakerism from a different angle. It’s simpler than my two other Quaker books, but it also digs a little deeper, because it explores the core beliefs of this uniquely liberal religious group. I’ve tried to make it an easy read, taking my cue from what newcomers want to know, rather than what Quakers want to tell them.


‘I can't recommend this book highly enough. Along with masterful tips for developing a successful magic act, it has Geoffrey’s imaginative reworkings of a large number of effects. He carefully re-thinks every effect he adds to his repertoire, and you can read the results in this great book.’
Matthew Field

This book is now out of print. It’s becoming hard to find and as a consequence it’s often more expensive than it should be. But there are 2,000 copies out there somewhere, so look on eBay, MagicWeek, and the usual auction sites. They do come up at reasonable prices from time to time.

Geoffrey Durham

The newspaper trick from my last stage performance as a magician in 2006

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