This website once ran to several pages. One is now quite enough.

It began as a way of advertising my work as a professional magician, a job that occupied me more or less continuously for forty years. It was an exhilarating career Ė 700 TV shows, 7,000 stage appearances and 5 continents.

Then, starting in 2006, I decided, little by little, bit by bit, to let it go.

Iíd been touring my one man shows for twelve years, so my first resolution was to lay those down while I was still filling theatres. Then, in the spring of 2007, I began to say no to television work. And later in the same year I entertained at a private party for the last time.

I carried on turning down almost all the performing I was offered Ė no more telly, no more cabaret, no more public appearances Ė because Iíve always believed in quitting while Iím ahead. I made an exception when I was invited to top the bill of The Magic Circle Christmas Show in 2008; and then realised that it would serve as a suitably glitzy swan song. I havenít worked as an entertainer since. And I havenít missed it for a moment.

But I didnít retire.



I continue my career as a creative consultant in TV, theatre and film. My most recent foray in that field was to create the magic for Not Like That, Like This, a television film about Tommy Cooper written by Simon Nye, directed by Benjamin Caron and starring David Threlfall. It was transmitted in April 2014.

I also work privately with professional performers in a number of disciplines Ė comedy, music, magic Ė directing their solo shows, mentoring their stand-up and helping them achieve results.



I write books, too. My manual for working magicians, Professional Secrets: A Life in Magic, sold out both its printings in a couple of years, while my two books for newcomers to Quakerism, The Spirit of the Quakers (Yale University Press, 2010) and Being a Quaker: A Guide for Newcomers (2nd edition, Quaker Quest, 2013), are still available in paper editions and as ebooks. I remain active as a Quaker and I often speak at Quaker events.

If you would like to enquire about my availability as a speaker, director or advisor, please use the form on the contact page.

I no longer have clips of my work as a performer on this site, so if you fancy seeing a great magic trick, I suggest you try this.

And if you want to know more about Quakers, look here.